Get in Formation for OTRII

via Vogue 

via Vogue 

Hold up! Seems like the family feud is over.

We are experiencing a bit of Deja Vu!

Beyonce and Jay-Z just rang the alarm that we need to get in formation because all of our sweet dreams are coming true. 

Hip Hop's Bonnie and Clyde announced their second installment of the On The Run Tour.  And well, we can't knock the hustle!

The countdown begins for all the glorious outfit changes, 8-counts, interactive stage sets, celeb pals, and triple NDA'd awesomeness that we'll never know about to well, we're there!

So all of you single ladies, independent women, and all of those crazy in love,  listen up! Tickets go on sale tomorrow March 14th. And yes, Bey and Jay made sure you received your tax returns just in time for the big news. 

Now you have a little extra cushion so feel free to upgrade u because I know you're feelin' yourself!

So here all the US tour dates and cities that will have the honor of hosting Mr. and Mrs. Carter!

Tour dates:

July 25: Cleveland

July 28: Washington

July 30: Philadelphia

Aug. 2: Rutherford, N.J.

Aug. 5: Boston

Aug. 8: Minneapolis

Aug. 10: Chicago

Aug. 13: Detroit

Aug. 18: Buffalo

Aug. 23: Nashville

Aug. 25: Atlanta

Aug. 29: Orlando

Aug. 31: Miami

Sept. 11: Arlington, Tex.

Sept. 13: New Orleans

Sept. 15: Houston

Sept. 19: Phoenix

Sept. 22: Los Angeles

So be sure check on it