18 Resolutions to Keep This Year

1. Be Intentional.

Mindless living is so 2017.

Seek out to change the monotony and elevate your higher and best self in your actions, your words, and what gives you purpose.  


2. Honor your time and that of others.

Get shit done ON TIME.

Plan and execute accordingly to meet deadlines. Toss out the excuses that make you unable to reciprocate and maintain commitments with others.


3. Be fiscally responsible. (*this should never fall off your resolutions list by the way.*)

Your money tells a story. Make sure yours is a narrative for a secure tomorrow.

Monitor your credit score. Pay bills on time. Seek  professional financial advice if possible. Do your homework in how best to make your money go further.

Live in a season of need and not excessive want.


4. Mediate.

The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Take moments to recalibrate and center your spirit and quiet the noise.

Take up yoga, learn new mediation exercises, or create quite hours less technology.


5. Exfoliate and moisturize.

Love the skin you’re in. Create a beauty regimen worth following making sure it includes exfoliating, moisturizing, and lots of sunscreen ALL year round.



H20 is your bestfriend. Drink up kids and thank me later.


7. Speak more, Text Less.

Let’s take it waaaaay back. Let’s bring back real conversations and limit mediated communication. It is so much more impactful in our everyday conversations. 


8. Invest in yourself.

Take that class you’ve been thinking about. Learn a new language or skill.

Find a mentor in your perspective field. Develop that business idea.

Go for that promotion and leadership role.


 9. No phone zones.

Be a trendsetter and limit phone use at meals, gatherings, and outings.

Imagine someone actually enjoying the moment. So radical, I know!


 10. Floss more.. (and we mean your teeth, not your lifestyle.)

Let's make sure our pearly whites are well taken care of this year and limit our time in the dentist's chair. Promise?


11. Take up a reading list for the year.

I prefer the old fashioned hard cover books but with the invention of audio books and e-readers there's no better time to read at any time or any place. 



 12. Create a gratitude jar.

Practicing gratitude daily enriches our perspective on life and allows us to see the goodness in everything. 

At the top of the next year, you can have an intimate look at all the amazing moments in the past year.


 13. Treat yourself.

However big or small, learn to reward yourself for kicking ass this year.

You are always worth it!


14. You + stationary = handwritten notes to family and friends.

Let's bring back handwritten notes and sending letters. 

It'll be a pleasant surprise for your loved ones and a beautiful keepsake. 




15. Maximize your weekends.

We spend so much of our week working diligently and mastering complex social schedules.

Take the time to enjoy your weekends by stepping outside the rituals of your DVR queue.


16. Limit the drama. (easier said than done.... I know)

Take note of the experiences and people that consistently create chaos in your life.

Create safe spaces and enjoyable experiences with people who value you and your peace.  

Ya dig? 


17. Find the peace you more than deserve.

Seek counsel. Mediate. Find ways to unpack any feelings that are limiting your greatness. Work towards meaningful resolutions and self care.


18. Adopt a mantra worth repeating and envisioning daily. 

Your favorite quote or scripture that makes you feel empowered and alive! Feel free to pick several and recite them as daily affirmations. 

More Fun, Less Fear!