My Birthday Reflections

Another year, another blessing

Cheers to unlearning that overextending myself is the only way to show how much I care for those around me. To chasing the souls that reflect my light, love, and respect and not ghosts that once did. To making accountability commonplace in all my relationships. And saying NO more times than yes. To saying sorry, forgiving, and moving forward sooner than later. To embracing self care and self preservation. To giving people their flowers NOW while they are here. To challenging my own narrative. To valuing the vision and the work and discarding the titles and timelines. To being more present and more aware. To saying I Love You . I see You. I am proud of You. I am here for You. I am thankful for You. to those who love on me and encourage me through life. To purposely choosing and using my words. To trying, failing, and having the courage to do it again. To knowing that perfection is unattainable but authenticity is my power. To knowing that my existence is oh so divine even when I question my purpose. To being more of me... and no one else.

Cheers to this brand new year.