A Reflection and Celebration of International Women's Day


Today, we honor and celebrate the women of the world. 

The visionaries. The creators. The savants.

The matriarchs. The mavericks.

The leaders. The dreamers. The teachers. 

The instigators. The agitators.

The freedom fighters. The justice seekers. The rebels WITH a cause.

The healers. The caregivers. 


Those living with barely enough and still making magic nonetheless.

Those living in dangerous spaces and unfathomable times but imploring hope and conviction for a better tomorrow.

Those who feel voiceless but are working diligently and deliberately so that they and others like them can be heard.

Those who do not subscribe to given the narratives and challenge us (all) to do the same.

Those who are unrelenting in their search for parity and equality. 

Those who truly understand the power and purpose of (all) womanhood.

Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest



Brilliant. Inspiring. Radiant. Passionate.

Courageous. Radical. Transformative.

Beautiful. Loving. Awesome in all your wonder.

We salute you today and always.

You are the vibrant and magnetic light that reminds the world that female is the future.

And its due time, it gets on board!