A Friendly Reminder to Keep Going

I know!  It's Friday and all you're thinking of is getting out of work and enjoying the beautiful weekend ahead. Likely not in the mood to read some deep stuff and reflect a little but I thought I should just remind you that you are doing great!


Yes, YOU!

I know each of us can think of the many ways we are inadequate. And sometimes we tend to make more space for the deafening thoughts of not winning the race and being where we thought we would be. We tend to focus on getting to the end of the journey than actually taking in the present lessons and spaces we occupy that are the building blocks to bring to fruition exactly what have imagined for ourselves and all truly deserve. And also sometimes forgetting to consider that something we wanted that we didn't receive was working for the greater interest of our story and has saved us from additional heartache. 

So I am here to say keep the course. 

Life, like any grind, requires that we keep the focus on ourselves and be committed to our personal journey. In a digital world where everyone can seem like they are doing much better than you and are much happier than you, I urge you to silence the noise.  Take the Snaps, Instaflexing and Facebook updates with a grain of salt. TRUST.


I just thought I'd remind you that.

Have an wonderful weekend!