It's National Cookout Day! - Here's How to Be Invited Next Year

Today is July 4th. For some in this country, it is a day of pride and (faux) patriotism. It is filled with flags, more flags, flag regalia, fireworks, and a celebration of the country's independence from Great Britain and the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The irony of this day for MANY is that independence, freedom from oppression, and the agency to have pride in one's country is not a privilege they have. Don't believe me, read any current newspaper or understand the strained and unfortunate relationship of marginalized groups in this country since the inception of this "great" nation. 

So instead we celebrate National Cookout Day! My black brethren and sistren already know! And many more are participating with each year.  I mean who wants to waste an entire day off and possible good vibes with family and friends?

So here are some helpful hints to make sure you can celebrate and get invited back next year:

1. Let's 86 the flag fashions. I mean come on! (insert side eye mixed with let's not be basic!) 

Be creative and COLORFUL!

via Stylecaster

via Stylecaster


2. Plan to bring something and DO SO. Being the empty handed invitee to the cookout (and any event frankly) will have you on the side eye sidelines and likely tentative on the list for the coming year.  

Some ideas: a vegetable/fruit platter with dressings and hummus, a bottle or two of spirits for mixing, flowers for the host that can double as decorative pieces at the cookout, watermelon and ice pops to hydrate and cool off, and fun paperware and cutlery! 


3. Show up somewhat timely. Showing up extremely late to get your plate and dipping will likely keep you off the list; that's unless you had to work today which is just complete and utter blasphemy. 


4. Be ready to TWO STEP! What's a party without some good music and dances? 


5. Only play Spades or Dominos or any game if you know how! TRUST ME ON THIS. This is not the space for beginners. These folks are ruthless and out for blood. (slight sarcasm)


6.  Take pictures and share them! People love memories. Also, someone needs to document the amazing pasta salad and Grill Master delicacies.



6a. Make sure to give the Grill Master some love. Tell them they are doing a great job and make sure their cup is always on full. (Note: Grill Masters can be women as well! )


7. Bring GOOD VIBES! Bring GOOD VIBES! ( I said it twice for extreme clarity!)



Have a wonderful #NationalCookoutDay!