Of Life and Delay: August, What's Good?

H(ai) friends,

It’s been several weeks since I shared any new content on my much-anticipated website. My good manners and proper upbringing say I should offer some sort of apology but adulthood and clarity say that it’s not necessary as LIFE HAPPENS.

And ( oh) does life happen in the most unimaginable way possible. There’s literally no way to have prepared for the setbacks and great loss I experienced this past month.

Only thing predictable about life is that is unpredictable. 

This is not a sympathy post. This is me being honest and transparent. I am sharing this because I (like many of you with similar experiences) came to the realization that our creativity, passion, and desire for success can be extremely affected by the current of our lives. These things are an extension of the person and equally a sum of every peripheral experience as well as the internal battles that materialize.  The lack of creativity is not necessarily ill-fated but more of a safeguard that there may be something of more importance to channel said energy. For me, this rang very true.

August quickly became my month of needing to try and take of control of various things that were extremely out of my control. To say I felt helpless and slighted is a mere understatement. It was an overwhelming month. So as much as I have desired to serve you some amazing blog posts, fashion and styling advice, and humorous and timely conversations for the culture, I have needed this time away from said creativity to piece things together; to arrive at whatever destination the insane current was leading me to. 

I am still awaiting said destination but am finally able to piece together these words. 

So to my tribe and incredible cast of friends that stepped in so amazingly last month, I say thank you.

To my followers and digital friends, thank you for your patience and your eagerness to hear my many musings.